An Introduction to the Firm

Messrs Chee Amimi & Adrian Han is a legal firm comprising of three partners namely Chee Beng Wah, Nor’Amimi @ Norlaila Binti Sepit and Lua Yan Shan. Adrian Han Swan Kwong is currently a Consultant to the firm.

The firm was a result of a merger between Chee Fabli & Adrian Han and Amimi & Associates in 2004. Chee Fabli & Adrian Han was formed in 1995, a partnership between Chee Beng Wah and Adrian Han Swan Kwong, both with more than 26 years of legal experience while Nor’Amimi has been practicing since 1996.

Lua Yan Shan who has been in practice since 2011, joined the firm in 2017.

Through the merger the partners have together combined their vast experience in providing legal services in their respective fields. Besides their legal experience one partner was previously an engineer while the other was formerly a tax consultant whose experiences and expertise are beneficial in the building / construction and corporate fields.