Chee Beng Wah

Mr Chee graduated from the University of Malaya in 1973 with a B. Agr. Sc (Hons) and subsequently continued with his post graduate studies whereby he obtained a M. Sc (Agr. Engineering) in 1976, also from the University of Malaya. He worked as a consultant engineer in Tractors Malaysia Bhd from 1976 – 1981, and later at Kumarasivam Tan & Ariffin (now known as KTA Tenaga Sdn Bhd) from 1981 – 1987.

Mr Chee then pursued his law degree and obtained his LL.B. (Hons) degree from the University of London in 1987. He subsequently obtained the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) in 1988.

Mr Chee was called to the Malaysian Bar on 25th August 1989 after completing his chambering at Messrs Megat Najmuddin Leong & Co.

Mr Chee has vast experience in conveyancing, corporate and civil litigation including but not limited to the disposal and acquisition of high valued real estates, mergers and takeovers, construction disputes, breach of company law (corporate), intellectual property (IP), breach of contracts, disputes under banking, family and land laws, extraction of probates and letter of administration.

Mr Chee also has many years of experience in Islamic loans, particularly in the preparation of loan and security documentation required for Islamic financing on behalf of end-financiers. Mr Chee was also involved in litigation to recover debts under Islamic loans.